Daily life with Roscoe & Willow

Roscoe and Willow are growing up so fast!  It seems like yesterday that we brought them home and they became part of our family.  Since I’m still recovering from back surgery, I’ve been trying to spend time with them during the day working on obedience and potty training.  We got a Fresh Patch grass pad for their outside area and they love it. Most of the time they are doing their business there, which is GREAT!   We’ve got another week to go before the next round of rabies and distemper shots, we’ll be glad when that’s over.

The only to pressing things left are getting Willow spayed and Roscoe neutered.  Then we need to focus on getting them microchiped.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day because the lawn maintnance people will be here making the landcsaping look good. Not sure how they’ll react, but I;m guessing they will stay inside an peek out through the doggie door.

Time for a checkup

Today was a big day for Roscoe and Willow!  They traveled to see our vet at Phoenix Veterinary Center to get started on thier rabies and distemper shots.  We’ll have to go back in three weeks and get another round of shots.  The vet had a secret weapon to distract the pups while they were getting their shots….special dog food treats laughing.   The other exciting news is that we can finally give them a bath since they are healthy.  Roscoe has gained a lot of weight, just a tad over 5 pounds and Willow is 3.5 pounds.  I can’t wait to get them all washed up.

Growing up so fast

As you can see, Roscoe is very interested in computers. It seems like yesterday that Roscoe and Willow came home with us to join our family. They are both getting bigger, but still under 2.5 pounds! They eat 3x a day, so it’s not that we’re starving them to death!

We have been working on some basic leash training with Willow and Roscoe. Willow is definitely more willing to go along with it than he is, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon.  I think the problem is the leash is so big and heavy and these are both still little teacup yorkies.

Everything Changes…

I’ve wanted to have a dog for at least 20+ years, but the timing has never been right.  For whatever reason, I thought the timing was right and that we should jump in with both feet.  When my fiancé and I talked about getting a puppy, I don’t think either one of us knew what we were getting into to. As it turns out, we left with two Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies that day and our lives have never been the same. They’ve been so much fun watching them grow up, but they’ve also been a lot of work. Keeping them cleaned up, fed, mentally stimulated and away from each other’s throats take dedication and time. I know they are just playing and being puppies, but it’s still like having a second full-time job taking care of Roscoe and Willow.

The decision wasn’t easy, because I was just coming home from a two-level lumbar spine surgery and bending over to pick up dog accidents or even to pick them up to play was on my restriction list.  Note: I’ve been very good about it and have learned to do things without bending my back. The only thing that made me go against not getting them, was that I was going to be home for several weeks and it would give be some extra bonding time with them.